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​“All three of our children have attended Hunt's Church Preschool. The main reason we chose to send our children to this wonderful school is because of the kind, caring, gentle, dedicated teachers. The teachers treat our children as if they were their own.  My children truly love to go to school each day.  At Hunt's, learning is fun and meaningful which gives all of the children a great foundation for their future education!”

​- Katie H.

​"As a former first grade teacher, I am truly impressed by the safe and nurturing environment that Hunt's Preschool teachers have provided for each of my 3 children.  While giving each student the love and support they need, Hunt's has also provided a strong academic foundation for kindergarten."

- Jen A.


"Our daughter started preschool at Hunt's last fall. Under the nurturing environment at this wonderful school she has blossomed.  Hunt's has fostered in her a great love and excitement for learning...."​

- Mary S.​

“For any well-intentioned parent, sending a child off to preschool can represent a journey of unsettling unknowns: "will this school nurture and care for my child in a way that feels right to us, will it feel at home here, and who are these folks anyway?" I can share as a Hunts parent from the 2's program through the 4's program that at every level my husband and I have been wowed with the profound dedication of each Hunts staff member, whether it be teaching staff or the administration. There is a singular joy that one can feel when stepping onto the Hunts campus, and it comes from experiencing the excitement of educators who relish deeply what they do and who understand the gravity of the responsibility they've undertaken- providing little lives with the social and emotional resources they will soon need in the larger world. They do it with perfection, and they do so while preparing these little minds with tremendous school readiness skills. I'm sad to depart Hunts in a few months, as my son will be moving on in the fall. Fortunately, we have a 7-month old daughter and we look forward to that morning in September of 2014 when she will begin her first day at Hunts Church will be one of our fondest memories to come!”
- Rosanna B.​

"I love the philosophy and nurturing environment. I know my son is in a good, happy and loving environment."​

- Jamie R.​